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Far-Fetched is an independently produced animated pilot. After accidentally releasing her own chaotic canine creature into the world, an overly-anxious girl named Rue is dragged into a rock band of late-2000's misfits called Sesamoid. Armed with their budding friendships & an ancient ice cream truck, the gang uncover much more than meets the eye about the town of Veilport & become tangled in a world where science is at odds with monsters & the supernatural.

Sounds decent enough. So how are you going to make this, smart guy?

Good question, person writing this. In case you haven't heard, creating independent animation isn't cheap. Sure, you can get backing from a major studio, but they might tell you "No Ashley, you can't have 17 werewolf characters.", and these conditions are just barbaric. So, we plan on funding Far-Fetched completely on our own! These days, internet-produced animation has become far more common, and it's very clear that the medium can easily thrive outside of the studio system.

We've already successfully produced a 2-minute proof of concept short animation and plan on funding the full pilot episode on our own, with additional support from fans, so that we may create a show that isn't limited by the expectations of some business suit named Frank. If we don't screw this up and people actually like it, then we plan on funding an entire series, in order to fully bring to life the story we want to tell. Sure, this is a little uncertain and risky, but it's a lot better than working with Frank. Screw you, Frank.

That's It. Leave.

Or you can check out the rest of the site I guess. To keep up with the progress of the show, follow us on Twitter.

Official Releases


Meet the Sesamoid gang at Camp Crag in this official teaser clip from the Far-Fetched pilot!

A Very Far-Fetched Halloween (Short)

Happy Halloween from the Far-Fetched crew! Hope we've brought your spooky season to life! Well... almost.

Sesamoid - I Put A Spell On You (Cover)

To ring in the 2023 spooky season, Sesamoid decided to brew up a cover of “I Put A Spell On You” from the Halloween classic: Hocus Pocus!

Sesamoid - It’s Terror Time Again (Cover)

Sesamoid’s first ever cover of “It’s Terror Time Again” by Skycycle from the iconic film Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island!

Sesamoid - Adventricular (Official Lyric Video)

Sesamoid takes you on a new adventure in their very first single, “Adventricular''!

Night Of The Cute Feast (Proof of Concept)

When Rue comes home from a long day to feed Kira, she realizes she may have bit off more than she can chew.

Other Videos

2023 Year End Update Video

With 2024 just on the horizon, we released a big update video discussing the what, where & why of all things Far-Fetched!

2021 Round Up

Year in review for 2021 of all we did and shared. Also features a first look at the show's theme song!

Rue Cervello

Voiced By: Nola Klop

Always trying to act fine no matter how not fine things are, Rue was trying to carve out a path for herself until a chaotic canine creature entered her world and forked her life up. She’s had a love for both the cute and corny since her youth, cuddling with plushies while watching monster movies with her dad. This false sense of security never prepared her to handle both the supernatural and actual adult world. As she nervously joins her newfound friends to play keyboard for Sesamoid, she struggles to maintain control of her suppressed emotions & the adorable beast she’s unleashed.

AGE: 23
SEXUALITY: Questioning
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Neutral Good Gnome Druid
- Favorite Color: Pink
- Favorite Animal: Bunnies
- Favorite Ice Cream: Rainbow Sherbet
- Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets


Voiced By: Jazmine Luevanos

She’s a dog. Just a normal dog. Don’t ask why she has hair… or is purple… Okay she’s anything but normal, but she’s Rue’s emotional support creature! She uses multiple mysterious powers & frightening forms to fight off both Sesamoid’s supernatural & Rue’s internal struggles.

AGE: Dog
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Lawful Neutral Half Orc Barbarian
- Favorite Color: Yes
- Favorite Animal: Bugs
- Favorite Ice Cream: Doesn't like it
- Favorite Food: Yes

Quinn Huckley

Voiced By: J Michael Tatum

He doesn't think he’s better than you, he knows he is. As the leader & drummer of Sesamoid, Quinn’s tunnel-visioned determination for his band to make it big often puts his crew into perilous situations. Being childhood friends with Rue, and knowing she wouldn’t say no, he dragged her into joining the band after he couldn’t find a “reliable” keyboard player. Even though he makes his friends do all the hard work, his keen eye for talent and charisma are what brought the gang together. Despite how much he shows off, he still can’t escape his grandmother’s garage.

AGE: 23
SEXUALITY: Demisexual Panromantic
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Rogue
- Favorite Color: Electric Blue
- Favorite Animal: Foxes
- Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee
- Favorite Food: Shepherd's pie

Piper Stubbs

Voiced By: Dani Chambers

A medical student with a love of cosplay and theatrics, Piper is the extroverted guitar-shredder of Sesamoid. Despite being the youngest member of the gang, she tries to be the most composed. When it comes to putting on a show, she and Warren are the ones that have to bring Quinn’s crazy ideas to life. Nobody is quite sure where she finds the time to pull everything off, and it’s kinda scary. She tries her best to keep the gang in high spirits, even if that means neglecting her own needs and standing in harm’s way with her trusty six-string.

AGE: 21
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Chaotic Good Elf Wizard
- Favorite Color: Mint Green
- Favorite Animal: Cats
- Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry
- Favorite Food: Sushi


Voiced By: Jacob Takanashi

An unpredictable airhead with a heart of gold, you’ll probably find the lead singer of Sesamoid inside of your local trash can. Armed with a powerful voice & cursed with an accident prone existence, Griff is a friend to creatures both big & small. He was a bit of a drifter, happily just existing, until Quinn acquired him for the band. Now he makes his home inside of Sesamoid’s untrusty ice cream truck: Papa Swirl. It may be hard to understand his logic sometimes, but he always has the best intentions.

AGE: 22
SEXUALITY: Asexual Panromantic
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: True Neutral Halfling Bard
- Favorite Color: Yes
- Favorite Animal: Trash Animals
- Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road
- Favorite Food: Yes

Warren Webber

Voiced By: Jonah Scott

Like your dad after an 8-hour car ride, Warren has had just about enough. As the bassist of Sesamoid, this intellectual behemoth is the sole member of the band with a realistic mindset. While he has his friend’s best interests at heart, he isn’t afraid to let them know how often they’re horribly misguided…especially Quinn. He handles all the hard work, from constantly fixing the ice cream truck to making sure their shows don’t implode. His college degree isn’t taking him anywhere, so he spends his time slapping the bass and keeping this group of misfits from dying.

AGE: 25
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Lawful Good Dwarf Fighter
- Favorite Color: Orange
- Favorite Animal: Cows
- Favorite Ice Cream: Pistachio
- Favorite Food: Grilled Steak

Papa Swirl

Voiced By: [REDACTED]

AGE - ∞---- BIRTHDAY - 7/17

One half ice cream truck and the other half band van, Papa Swirl is Sesamoid’s untrusty steed. Reliable as any ancient vehicle, Papa constantly finds himself being repaired by Warren just to get the gang anywhere. Don’t let his head’s eternal smile fool you, Papa Swirl judges all with his piercing eyes. Now, try to make yourself comfortable between the drum kit and soft serve machine.

Clodagh Huckley

An ex-rocker now off her rocker, Clodagh is Quinn's nurturing, metalhead grandmother. Born and raised in Ireland, she moved to America in her 30s with her family to pursue the dream of being a rockstar. After Quinn's parents suddenly walked out, she took up the mantle of raising the hard-headed goth boy. She may act absolutely batty, but she's the best granny you could ask for.

AGE: 69
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Chaotic Evil Tiefling Cleric
- Favorite Color: Green
- Favorite Animal: Bats
- Favorite Food: Shepherd's pie

Regan Locklear

Chill and seemingly apathetic, Regan is a reptile-loving, practial effects guru. The only thing that explodes bigger than her on-set pyrotechnics is her heart for her girlfriend Piper. She adores all types of scaly fellas, because cold-blooded critters are misunderstood just as much as she is. Don't let her harsh-exterior fool you, she's a total softie on the inside. Except for her pyrotechnics...those can hurt.

AGE: 22
SEXUALITY: Demisexual Biromantic
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Lawful Neutral Dragonborn Sorcerer
- Favorite Color: Black
- Favorite Animal: Snakes
- Favorite Food: Anything spicy

"Drain" Creed

Voiced By: Michael Zekas

The son of a major record executive & complete shit-lord, Drain is an EDM musician & the self-proclaimed rival of Sesamoid. Dawning his trademark neon helmet, this shampire is the band's (and specifically Quinn's) biggest nuisance & constantly interferes with their adventures for his own selfish reasons. He loves to flaunt his vampirism for the fangirls & fame, but there are much less glamorous sides to being a vampire that he tries to ignore. Though he may be a nuisance in the eyes of the Sesamoid gang, deep down he's a bigger threat than anyone, including himself, would have guessed.

AGE: Immortal (Mentally: Early 20's)
SEXUALITY: """""""""STRAIGHT!!!"""""""""
Fun Facts!
- DnD Character: Neutral Evil Elf Warlock
- Favorite Color: Magenta which is TOTALLY not pink
- Favorite Animal: Sharks
- Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
- Favorite Food: Cookies

Open Positions

2D Animator

We're looking for traditional frame-by-frame 2D animators! This is a part time freelance position. No previous professional experience required, but some experience working with a team is a big plus. Experience in any animation software is OK as long as it can export image sequences.

Job Requirements:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently via Discord

  • Take and follow notes

  • Able to draw characters on model

Reel Requirements:

  • Send reel as an external link

  • Reel should be no longer than 3 minutes long

  • Character acting.

  • Lip syncing

  • Multiple characters interacting

  • Character turning/moving through space in proper perspective

  • Lighting (light and shadow)

Bonus Things To Include:

  • FX animation

  • Non-Human Characters/Animals/Creatures

  • Characters playing musical instruments

  • Environments/Backgrounds moving in 3D space

  • Vehicles/Weapons/Instruments/Other 3D objects


We're looking for traditional frame-by-frame 2D cleanup animators! This is a part time freelance position. No previous professional experience required, but some experience working with a team is a big plus. Must be proficient in Toon Boom.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience with Toon Boom

  • Communicate clearly and frequently via Discord

  • Take and follow notes

  • Able to help bring characters on model and help fix minor animation errors

Reel Requirements:

  • Send reel as an external link

  • Reel should be no longer than 3 minutes long

  • Comparison of original rough vs cleaned animation

  • Color

  • Lighting (light and shadow)

  • Solid grasp of line weight

  • Cleaned up traditional frame by frame

Bonus Things To Include:

  • Cleanup from rougher animation

  • Gradients

  • Colored linework

Merch Artist

We're looking for artists with experience designing various merch items for sale such as keychains, stickers, enamel pins, posters, t-shirts, other apparel, or various other merch items. Experience creating items for sale is a must. Be it merchandise you've made for yourself, or designs you've made for others.

Job Requirements:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently via Discord

  • Take and follow notes

  • Able to draw characters on model

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Send portfolio as an external link

  • Examples of merch designs

  • Examples of multiple art styles

Comic Artist

We're looking for more comic artists to join our team! Experience with visual storytelling is a must.

Job Requirements:

  • Communicate clearly and frequently via Discord

  • Take and follow notes

  • Able to follow style guides

  • Flesh out rough thumbnails and improve upon them

Portfolio Requirements:

  • Send portfolio as an external link

  • Examples of comics

  • Examples of strong visual storytelling

Email your application along with your resume and portfolio/reel to apply(at)farfetched(dot)show

Freakishly Asked Questions

When will the pilot be out?

Before we're dead.

Are you planning on pitching the show or keeping it independent?

Our show is going to stay 100% independent, so it won't be tampered with by anyone. We'll always have full creative control & update you folks whenever we want.

Where can I watch the show?

We have a YouTube channel where we released our most recent teaser, Sesamoid music videos, animated shorts, and update videos. You can also